I am Allison, the human behind the lens! I am passionate about life, and documenting the details in between. I have always been fascinated with photography. I adored the art so much that on the summer I turned eleven years old, living in Spain, my father gave me a camera for my birthday. I spent every day photographing buildings, people, the landscape—I took that camera everywhere. We had moved around so much, I wanted to remember all the faces and places.

Ever since then, photography has been my visual journal, how I remember my life—after a boating accident, for example, I still photographed from my hospital bed. I have pretty much always had a camera in my hand-and so naturally I became the one people asked when they wanted to capture the story of their own lives.

Having my own family has only increased my awareness of how fleeting life is, and so I use the  gift I have to document the ever passing moments in my daughters life. I feel so lucky to have so much passion for my job.


My favorite photos are truly candid shots when I am able to catch a fleeting smile flickering across a face or a thoughtful moment reflected in a gaze: I try to combine a fine art sensibility with the unguarded expressions I am often on the lookout for. 

The point is not perfection, it’s communication. I do not want to simply “freeze” the moment; I want to convey a sliver of history, a little piece of immortality.

I am obsessed with my two rescue kitties! I often find myself talking about my cats unsolicited. I enjoy watching them on my nest cam when I am not home and noticing things like the fact that Sammie enjoys frolicking on my counters, something she never does when I am home because she is not allowed to. Animal welfare holds a special place in my heart and I encourage anyone with the means to adopt.

When I am not shooting, you can find me hiking, planning my daughters next halloween costume, watching period dramas, exploring new towns or volunteering with my daughter on days like "National Parks Day". I care deeply about the environment and I am happy to pass on this love and respect for our planet to my daughter. 

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